Work and Health Research Lab



Precarious employment and vulnerable workers

New types of businesses, such as the ‘gig economy’ and temporary employment agencies, are growing fast and have disrupted workplace norms and regulations.  This research stream examines how non-standard businesses address work and health and how practices, laws and policies need to change to protect vulnerable workers.


Work disability policy and systems

With the shifting nature of work and changing work populations (including ageing workers), state income and health support programs struggle to keep up. This research stream focuses on how practices, programs and policies in Canada and other countries can improve to help workers to stay at work or return to work after illness and injury.


Occupational health and safety policy and systems

Work is risky. According to the International Labour Organisation, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease every 15 seconds. This research stream examines regulation and inspection systems that are in place in Canada and other countries to guide workers and workplaces on how to keep workers safe.


Qualitative health systems evaluation

How do policies and programs for vulnerable populations achieve their goals? This research stream considers the reality of social relations, power relationships and complex systems and focuses on the use of qualitative research methods to understand population needs and examine government programs.