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Perceived COVID-19 health and job risks faced by digital platform drivers and measures in place to protect them: A qualitative study

MacEachen, E., Meyer, S. B., Majowicz, S., Hopwood, P., Crouch, M., Amoako, J., Jahangir, Y. T., Durant, S., & Ilic, A.. (2022). American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 65(9), 731–742. doi:10.1002/ajim.23409

Covid-19 risks faced by Ontario digital platform couriers and recommendations for enabling safer work

MacEachen, E., Majowicz, S., Meyer, S., Durant, S., Hopwood, P., Crouch, M., Jahangir, Y.T., Amoako, J., Ilic, A. & Parthipan, M. (2021). Research brief.