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Teaching Online in the Post-COVID Lockdown World

Teaching Online in the Post-COVID Lockdown World: Health and Safety Needs of Online Teachers in Ontario and Bangladesh


Post-COVID lockdown, work has increasingly been online. This two-year New Frontiers in Research Fund study examines the work organization and occupational health impacts for elementary and high school teachers and tutors of teaching online. Working closely with our Stakeholder Advisory Committees in each country, the researchers are examining online teaching needs of Ontario and Bangladeshi teachers and conducting a related scoping review of international literature. The study will contribute to economic recovery policies that are useful to Canadian and Bangladeshi education workers and policymakers.

University of Waterloo (Canada) Research Team: Ellen MacEachen, Jen Whitson, Janice Aurini, Stephanie Premji, Pamela Hopwood. Michaella Miller, Yasmeen Almomani, Sharia Hoque

North South University (Bangladesh) Research Team: Ishrat Sultana, Tauhid Hossain Khan, Maria Maskura, Iffat Jahan, M.D. Moniruzzaman Khan

Advisory Committee


Jules Arntz-Gray, Director – Ontario Ministry of Labour, Occupational Health and Safety Branch, Training and Skills Development
Mary Gellatly – Community Legal Worker Group Lead, Parkdale Community Legal Services
Nathan Hautch – National Representative for OHS, Canadian Labour Congress
Sultana Jahangir – Executive Director, South Asian Women’s Rights Organisation (SAWRO)
Anindya Sen – Associate Director, Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute 
Patrick Miller – Principal, Simcoe District School Board
Camille Williams-Taylor – Director, Durham District School Board
Noorin Manji – Co-Owner, Curriculum Creator & Instructor, Love of Language Tutoring Service (Mississauga Ontario)


Neal Ahmed – Chair, Dhaka Education Board, Ministry of Education, Bangladesh
Mustafa Akhtar – Chair, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Chittagong, Ministry of Education, Bangladesh
Jasmin Uddin Shikder – General Secretary, Bangladesh Secondary School Teachers’ Union, Bangladesh
Sarah Hossain – Honorary Executive Director, Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust
Imam Hossain Labour Lawyer, Bangladesh Supreme Court 
Nazrul Islam Khan – Secretary General, Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies
Jalal Uddin Sarker –Vice President, Government Secondary School Teacher Association, Bangladesh


MacEachen, E., Hopwood, P., Sultana, I., Whitson, J., Aurini, J., Premji, S., Khan, T. : Technostress, privacy, and making connections: Work and health conditions for online teachers. Employment and Society Conference, Glasgow, U.K., 13-15 September, 2023.

Almomani, Y., MacEachen, E, Hopwood, P., Whitson, J., Aurini, J., Premji, S., Miller, M., Hoque, S. Online teaching and privacy. Workers’ Health and Return to Work in a Changing World of Work, Ottawa, June 9-11, 2024.