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Just published: Self-employment review

Posted on: December 1st, 2021 by Ellen MacEachen

Little is known about how Self Employed (SE) workers are supported when they are unable to work due to illness, injury, and disability. Our paper critically reviews peer-reviewed literature focusing on advanced economies to understand how SE’d workers navigate, experience, or manage their injuries and illness when unable to work. We conducted a systematic search and screening, identifying 18 relevant articles that we critically examined and synthesized.

We found the work and health needs of different kinds of SE’d workers, taking into consideration class, gender, sector, and gig workers, are not distinguished. Many articles noted poor social security system supports. Drawing on a social justice lens, we argue that SE’d workers make significant economic contributions, and are deserving of support from social security systems when ill or injured.

Khan, T. H., MacEachen, E., Hopwood, P., & Goyal, J. (2021). Self-employment, work and health: A critical narrative review. Work (Reading, Mass.), 10.3233/WOR-213614. Advance online publication.

Congratulations Tauhid, Professor MacEachen, Pam and Julia!